Christmas Home Tour: The Library

December 17, 2016



Ya'll it's just after 7 AM and I'm already having quite the morning. Let me begin by saying that I envy those who say their children allow them to sleep in on the weekends.  You see, I don't have that option.  Our fur babies wake us up each morning around 6 AM without fail and lucky me, it's my job to let them out on the weekends.  When nature calls, I'm up.ady Belle and Ashley have one thing in common, they both hate throw pillows.  This morning I was woken up by the sound of Lady Belle dragging a throw pillow down the hallway from the library to the bedroom.  After I let her outside to go potty I realized this was her way of telling me I haven't shared with ya'll our Christmas decor!  And since the first room you enter into in our house is the library, aka LB's room, we'll begin with the librarSo, while LB and Parker were outside doing their business I snapped a few pictures of the library.  Now mind you, the sun isn't up yet so the lighting isn't ideal but I awake and need to be productive so...there you have it.


After I took the pictures I came into my office to work on this blog post when my computer went from Daytona 500 to Walking Dead in about 3.5 seconds.  I was ridiculously close to throwing my lap top out the window when it miraculously started working.  We'll call it a Christmas Miracle!


Current situation:  Listening to Pentatonix's Christmas album, wishing I had a cup of coffee and still contemplating chucking my laptop.











As I mentioned earlier, the library is the entrance way to our home.  This is the view of the library from our front door.  The black feline there?  That's Crash "Ricochet" our youngest fur baby.


The library is one of my favorite places in the room.  It's a beautiful mixture of old and new, our take on Modern Farm House Style.



 The old being my parents old couch (aka Lady Belle's bed).



 My old record player.



 I found this milk bottle in the bottom of a box in my nana's garage.  It's from a dairy in the town she was raised in, Rochester, NY.  




Okay... so this bowl isn't new.  I picked it up in Belize a few years ago but this Precious Moments ornament is from the late 80's.  Ricochet kept batting at it when it was on the tree so I had to find another home for it.  Life with pets.  SMH.




This typewriter was a flea market find.  I paid only $8 for this working type writer and it's carrying case!




This desk and chair belonged to my great-great-great-great-grandfather Lancelot Graves Burrus.  It has been passed down through the generations.  My aunt gave it to me after inheriting it from my great-grand parents.  The clock belonged to Ashley's grandparents.


The newest "old" item in our house has consumed our bookshelves.  Ashley was wanted to start a Christmas village for the longest time.  We've picked up a couple pieces here and there but at $80+ a pop, I thought it would take forever for us to acquire an entire village.  On Small Business Saturday, we were perusing through a local antique/thrift shop when we spotted an entire village on sale for $75.  The set included buildings, animals, people, light posts, trees and a train complete with a track.  Sold!











Christmas villages have never been my thing but they make Ashley happy so that's all that matters.  It was an easy compromise.  


The rest of the library is filled in with little touches of holiday spirit.





And there you have it,  our library!  Stay tuned for a tour of our living area.



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