10 Delicious Appetizers for Your New Years Eve Celebration

December 29, 2016



Hello friends!  Can you believe 2016 is almost ancient history?  I bet Betty White is counting down the days until 2017.  I've had a bit of an emotional year so I am incredibly anxious about having a fresh start.  It's amazing that your entire perspective can change simply because of a number on a calendar.  

As far as New Years Eve is concerned, we rarely have plans for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I have social anxiety and hate being around crowds of people.  Secondly, we're old as crap and  are usually passed out before the ball drops.  Thirdly, we live in a part of town where people look for an excuse to shoot of fireworks and the loud booms frighten our dogs.


One of my resolutions this year is to host more gatherings at our house.  Maybe next year I'll have people over for New Years?  


Or maybe not.


I've compiled a list of 10 Delicious Appetizers for Your New Years Eve Celebration.  These recipes are M&M tried and approved.



1.  Chicken Alfredo Stuffed Bread-  This is one of our original recipes.  I recently prepared it for one of our game nights and it was seriously gone within minutes.  Note to self:  make more next time!



2.  Hot Caramelized Onion Dip with Bacon & Gruyere-  This is another M&M original.  Hot melted cheese combined with caramelized onions and bacon?  Sign me up!  Note this may be better after your New Years kiss, wink, wink.



3.  Touch Down Dip-  This is one of my favorite football dips.  True, you may gain 10 pounds by just looking at it but it's so stinking good!  Once I start eating it, I seriously cannot stop.  It's that good!


 Photo Credit:  Budget Savvy Diva

4.  Loaded Baked Potato Dip-  This is another family favorite!  You won't believe how quick and easy it is to whip this up!  What's even better is you don't have to worry about keeping it warm.  You can literally stir all of the ingredients together and forget about it.



 Photo Credit:  South in Your Mouth

5.  Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple Jalapeno Poppers-  Jalapeno Poppers are one of my favorite appetizers to order when we're out.  They're the perfect bar food.  Serve them with ranch and I'm a happy girl.  This recipe trumps any popper I've ever ordered out.  It combines 4 of my favorite things; bacon, pineapple, jalapeno and cream cheese.  The salty-sweet effect takes away from some of the spice.  It's almost as if this recipe was created just for me.  I could seriously eat 20 of these things...although my body may hate me afterwards.


And now for the recipes without bacon...

 Photo Credit:  Spend With Pennies


6.  Jalapeno Popper Dip-  If you want all of the taste of a jalapeno poppers but don't necessarily have the time to make them, this dip is for you.  It's also a great alternative for vegetarians.  This dip couldn't be any easier and it tastes incredible!


 Photo Credit:  Averie Cooks

7.  Ham and Cheese Sliders- My Aunt Nancy was known for her ham and cheese sliders.  Don't tell my family but these are even better than hers!  I love that Averie uses Hawaiian rolls for the bun, the sweetness truly makes this dish magical.  This is one of my favorite tailgating foods and would be great for your New Years Celebration.



Photo Credit:  Pillsbury

8.  Spicy Italian Crescent Ring- My friend Adam joins our family for Easter and Thanksgiving every year.  Each time he brings two things, this Spicy Italian Crescent Ring and a yogurt pie.  After trying this meaty appetizer a few years ago, my mom asks him to bring it every single time.  It's a family favorite and the main reason he keeps getting invited back ;)


 Photo Credit:  Mommy's Kitchen

9.  Ranch Sausage Stars- Wonton wrappers always remind me of my moms parties growing up.  She prepared several different recipes using this flexible little vessels.  I love Mommy's Kitchen's ranch sausage stars, they are the perfect party food since they don't require utensils and can be gobbled up in one bite.


 Photo Credit:  ...And She Can Cook!

10.  Killer Queso-  This dip reminds me of the queso at one of my favorite places; Tijuana Flats.  The main difference is that this version includes ground beef.  It's super easy to make and a heck of a lot prettier than my queso!



And there you have it!  10 of my favorite appetizer recipes!  What is your favorite appetizer dish?  Feel free to include the link so I can try it!


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