Dog Items I ALWAYS Keep in My Car

September 24, 2017

**This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience**


Hey, y'all!  If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already know that I am a huge dog lover.  Our fur babies, Lady Belle and Parker are extremely spoiled and are treated just like they were our children.  Hell, they are our kids.  With Ashley and I working all day during the week, we make sure to spend lots of time outdoors with the girls on the weekend.


One of our favorite things to do is hit the nearby lake.  We love going there to walk the trails and enjoy the crystal clear blue water.  Even Parker, who isn't a huge fan of swimming, loves spending our time at the lake.  As a dog mom, there are some things I keep in my car at all times.  I've found that these bits and pieces help make our lives a lot easier.


 This water-proof hammock helps keep all of the sand off of our leather seats and off of the floor.  It's easy to install in the car and it is washable for our messier days.



These earth-friendly poop bags are a must for any dog household!

Zwipes large microfiber pet towels are super absorbent and perfect for days at the lake or at the beach.


 Parker is extremely particular about the water she drinks.  We bring a Gulpy Water Bottle with us everywhere we go!  The bottle has a little dish that folds out so it is easy to drink from.  Simply squeeze the bottle and the dish fills with water.  The bottle has a clip on the back of it so it can be secured to your shorts or a bookbag.  



Chuckit! Sport Launcher is one of our favorite toys to take with us to the park.  Lady Belle loves chasing after the balls!


 Parker is a free-spirit and super inquisitive.  She's always getting into something so we've started carrying a first aid kit, just in case she gets hurt. Whether she gets stung or bit, we've got it covered.  Many of the items can also be used on humans too.  






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