The Most Epic Emoji Popcorn Ever

February 24, 2018

Forget serving regular popcorn at your next birthday party, sleepover or movie night!  Try this quick & easy Emoji Popcorn instead!


 Hey, y'all!  Earlier this week I shared with you my Totally Epic Emoji Bark- a sweet treat I made for my niece's 12th birthday party.  Today I'm sharing the Emoji' Bark's salty/sweet counterpart- the Totally Epic Emoji Popcorn.  


This recipe is so simple, your teenager could totally make this popcorn on their own!  It would be awesome for a birthday party or sleepover!  Simply begin with your favorite popcorn, I actually used pre-popped movie theater style popcorn when I made it.  

 Drizzle melted collocate in the colors of your choice.  I used turquoise because it's my niece's favorite color.  Next, I tossed on a few hot pink sprinkles to give the popcorn some more color.  I love the contrast of the turquoise and hot pink!

I found these super cute sugar emoji candies in the baking aisle at my local Walmart.  I liked the fact that they aren't flavored, they simply taste like sugar.  I scattered these little guys all over the chocolate.  

And there you have it, an awesome, colorful and delicious salty sweet treat perfect for teenagers!  It really couldn't be any easier to make this!


1 package Melting Chocolate (in the color of your choice)
Emoji Candy



1.  Pop your popcorn according to the package instructions, or use pre-popped.  Place on a sheet pan lined with wax paper.  Set aside.


2.  Melt your chocolate according to package instructions, I prefer the double boiler method.


3.  Drizzle the melted chocolate on the popcorn.  


4.  Top with sprinkles and emoji candies.


I don't recommend making this treat in advance.  The popcorn will absorb the moisture of the chocolate and it won't have the crunch you would typically get from popcorn.  It is, however, still just as delicious!


 Use this #mandmcooks if you make this fun recipe so I can see how it turns out!


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