DIY Bunny Bags

March 5, 2018

These DIY Bunny Bags make excellent gift bags for Easter Treats!


Hey, y'all!  So... I think the secret might be out... I'm totally in love with bunny butts.  Yes.  Bunny butts.  I mean you may have got the idea if you've seen my Chocolate Covered Cottontails, my Easy to Make Bunny Butts and my Nature Inspired Moss Bunny projects.   There's just something about that little cotton ball tail that makes me feel all giddy.  It's probably a damn good thing that people don't have little cottontails because if they did I'd be walking around pinching everyone in the heiny.  


I also love making little snack mixes for my friends and family.  I'm a Chex Mix fanatic!  When I made my famous Hippity Hop Mix (an Easter Muddy Buddy Mix) I wanted to create a special bag for it.  

Typically, I toss the mix into a mason jar and tie a ribbon around it but every once in awhile I like to get creative.  This time, I made adorable little bunny bags to make the mix a little more festive.  Making them couldn't be any easier!


Here's what you'll need:



  A brown paper bag

Cotton ball

 Glue Stick

Twine or ribbon



 Fold the paper bag in half lengthwise, being careful not to crease it.  Use your scissors to cut the shape of a bunny ear.  By folding your bag in half, you'll ensure that both ears are the same.

 Use a glue stick to attach a cotton ball to form a tail.  Fill the bag with goodies and tie it off with a ribbon or a piece of twine.


If you're like me, you probably have all of this stuff already on hand, making this project super cheap!  You can get really cheap ribbon at your local craft stores or Walmart.  I picked this twine up at the Dollar Tree.  It came in a package of 3 or 4 spools .  You can pick up the bags and cotton balls from the Dollar Tree as well



 Be sure to pin this simple DIY project for later!  Give me a like on Facebook or follow me on Twitter for more super easy projects like this!  See you next time!




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