5 Projects for Our New Home

January 7, 2019

Hey, y'all!  As soon as we put in an offer on our new house I began scouring Pinterest for various project ideas.  One thing that we noticed after moving into our home is there aren't very many options as far as storage goes.  We don't have a coat closet and we only have one linen closet.  We also don't have a laundry room, for instance.


We plan on spending 7 to 10 years in this house and during that time we plan on doing various projects that help maximize the amount of storage space in our home.  


Here is some of our inspiration for upcoming projects in our new home:



I absolutely love this entryway created by "From the Nato's".  It's not only extremely attractive but it's also very practical and will help give us some storage space since we do not have a coat closet.



The office is the first room you see when you enter the house.  It's located just off the entry way.  Since Ashley primarily works from home, she has taken the office over.  I tend to do my blog work on the back patio or at the dining room table.  The office itself is lovely, it has gorgeous plantation shutters in the double window and features a decent size closet.  I'd love to put in a shelving unit and desk in like this one to give her space to display her Dallas Cowboys memorabilia.  This inspiration was pulled from AliExpress however, we plan to do this as a DIY project.  The version I'm envisioning has a little more storage on the bottom (filing cabinets) and two shelves that span the length of the wall.




I really wish I knew the source of this photo because I love this project so much!  Our fireplace is located in the dining room and is quite frankly a little bland at the moment.  I would love to carry the trim up to the ceiling and fill the center in with shiplap as pictured here.  I think it would really add some character to the dining room.  





Our home has only one linen closet and it's located by the guest bathroom.  To make up for not having a linen closet in the master, I'd love to put in these industrial pipe shelves I found on House of Hawthornes.  This project seems super easy and will be an awesome way to add a bit of storage to our bathroom.




As foster parents, we have appointments out the wazoo.  I'd love to come up with a command center similar to the one I found on Little Yellow Wheelbarrow to help keep us organized.  


Follow me on Instagram to see how our projects are coming along or tune in to our Makeover Monday posts to read all about the changes.  See you next time!



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