Is Carnival's Faster to the Fun Worth The Cost?

March 5, 2019




Hey, y'all!  Happy Travel Tuesday!  One of the questions that I often get asked by new cruisers is if Faster to the Fun is worth it.  Honestly, it all depends on what type of cruiser you are.


What is Faster to the Fun?


Faster to the Fun (FTTF) is a package available for purchase through  It is an extremely popular package, so it often sells out very quickly. It's best to snag it ASAP (if it interests you).   FTTF can only be purchased prior to the cruise.



How Many Packages are Available?


This depends on how many Diamond and Platinum cruisers are sailing on the ship.  The package is first available for 15 cabins.  Once those 15 packages are purchased, and if there is availability, they will open it up for another 15 cabins.  




What are the Perks?


Essentially, you'll get many of the perks that the Platinum and Diamond guests receive. Platinum and Diamond cruisers are cruisers that have sailed 75+ days on Carnival ships. These perks begin with priority check-in/boarding at your arrival.  You'll also have first access to your stateroom and priority delivery of luggage.  Trust me, this is a huge plus when you consider each ship holds more than 2,000 cruisers and processes countless pieces of luggage.


The special treatment doesn't stop there!  You'll also have a special phone extension and line that connects you with Guest Services if you need anything.  


FTTF holders also have priority tenders.  If you are unfamiliar with tenders, tenders are water shuttles that take you from the ship to the mainland in ports where the water is too shallow to dock.  Tender ports include Half Moon Cay, Cabo San Lucas, Grand Cayman, Kona, Princess Cays and Catalina Island.  Again, when you consider that almost everyone on the ship will be getting off to head into port (and then back again), this is a huge perk.


 Pro-Tip:  One of the perks of FTTF (or priority boarding) is that you can capture incredible photos of the ship before the other cruisers board.  The photos in this post were all taken with priority boarding.


How Much Does it Cost?


The cost of this package varies based on how long your cruise is.  It ranges from $39.95 (for a 3-day cruise) to $89.95 for a 7-day cruise.  The great news is that this is the cost per stateroom (cabin) rather than per person.


How Does it Work?


Many of these benefits are staggered, ensuring that the Diamond and Platinum members and cruisers staying in the deluxe suites have access before FTTF holders.




That's a great review and all but is FTTF Worth It?


If your the type of person that wants to get on the ship as quickly as possible, not have to spend their vacation standing in lines you may want to consider the package.  If you are cruising to a port where tenders are required to access the mainland, FTTF is absolutely worth it.  If you have Platinum or Diamond Status or if you are staying in one of the Deluxe Suites, you already receive these perks and shouldn't waste your money on FTTF.




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Updated: 3/11/19

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