Weekly Menu Plan #7

June 15, 2019


A delightful collection of dinner, side dish and even dessert recipes to help you plan your weekly menu and make life easier for you!




Hey, y'all!  Welcome to the Weekly Meal Plan Menu!  Each week I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes for you to use as you are planning your meals throughout the week.  To access the recipes, simply click on the recipe title or photos.


If you don't already have a meal planning routine, I invite you to check out my Meal Planning Printables to help you get started.


A new weekly menu plan will be posted in the morning so you have plenty of time to hit the grocery store before your busy week starts.


Here's a sneak peek of how I meal plan:


Monday- Meatless Mondays
Tuesday- Taco Tuesday featuring our favorite Mexican food 
Wednesday-  Low-Carb Cuisine
Thursday-  Anything Goes Thursday
Friday- Pizza Fridays
Saturday- No Cook Saturdays.  This is our night to go out with friends, family or enjoy a date night!
Sunday- Traditional All-American meals!




Week #7


Meatless Monday


Step up your taco game with these incredibly flavorful Sweet Potato Tacos.  A classic tortilla piled high with sweet potatoes, corn, black beans and your favorite toppings!  We enjoy this dish with Mexican Cauliflower Rice, or a Caribbean Yellow Rice.


  Taco Tuesday



Tortilla shells make the perfect vessel for this delicious, Asian-Inspired Thai Peanut Taco with Pineapple Broccoli Slaw.  These scrumptious tacos require very little prep making them perfect for lunch or a weeknight meal!


Low Carb Wednesday



These Honey Sriracha Glazed Meatballs are the perfect combination of sweet and spicy and are loaded with delicious flavors. Blending the honey, sriracha, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic, with the juicy meatballs  creates a winning combination.  I serve these guys with rice or cauliflower rice and steamed veggies such as broccoli, carrots, or edamame.  


Anything Goes Thursday


This baked Fajita Stuffed Hassleback Chicken, is filled with delicious bell peppers, red onions and topped with a Tex-Mex cheese.  You can serve this brightly colored dish with  Cowboy Caviar, Mexican Street Corn Salad, Mexican Cauliflower Rice or chips and your favorite queso.


Pizza Fridays


This quick and easy BBQ Pork Pizza with Goat Cheese recipe comes with an ingenious short cut that helps this dish come together in less than 20 minutes! 


All-American Sundays



This is probably the most frequently made meal in our household. I know what you're thinking, cube steaks?  These aren't just any old cubed steaks though.  These Ranch Flavored Cube Steaks are fork tender and loaded with flavor.  I often serve Garlic Roasted Asparagus Boursin Cheese Mashed Potatoes, or Creamy Parmesan Instant Pot Mashed Cauliflower "Potatoes" with this dish. 


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