The Planning Behind the Vacation

June 20, 2019

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a quiet and peaceful vacation together with the family. Lying down by a private pool with a cocktail or glass of fruit juice on your right, and an exciting novel on your left, while the kids are swimming - this sounds like a perfect vacation, right? However, there is a lot of behind the scenes preparation that needs to go into your holiday, and you need to become a guru of organization before you can fully relax and recharge your batteries, away from everyday life. A lot of people don’t realize how much work needs to be done in advance to make sure that your holiday will go according to plan. Here’s what needs to happen:



#1. Book Your Travel and Excursions In Advance


There is no denying that it is difficult for a family with children to plan a holiday with the same spontaneity than couples or single travelers. Indeed, travelling with a family means that you need to pay close attention to advance booking prices and to school holiday dates. It might be cheaper to go on a ski break in January, but the kids are at school, which makes it completely impossible! As a result, most families tend to book up to 8 months in advance, and short-notice vacations are still planned for over 6 weeks in advance. Advanced bookings are not a bad thing: While there are less impulsive decisions, some countries will need you to get an authorized visa before you can come. Additionally, it’s good to know that the EU is planning such a visa system - you can read more about it on the Etias website - to be rolled out by 2020. If you are planning any days out, excursions or activities, such as learning how to surf, kids clubs, boat trips, etc., you may need to check that these do not require booking in advance.


#2. Packing The Luggage


If you are travelling with babies, toddlers or young children, you will need to be in charge of the packing. Similarly, while you can trust teenagers to pack their own clothes, you should prepare a list to make sure that nothing gets forgotten! Before you start packing, though, you should make a point to check the weather in your holiday destination, as this will ensure that you know what to take with you. Indeed, you might be planning a nice spring break in the French Riviera, but if it’s been pouring rain for days, it’s worth ditching the bikini for a pair of jumpers and gumboots! Additionally, you should check that your kids’ holiday clothes, such as shorts, swimming suits, or even accessories like sunglasses, still fit. This is exactly why you should always start well in advance, so that you have enough time to buy new sets of clothes and accessories if needs be.


#3. For The Travel Day


It’s not uncommon to suffer from travel sickness on planes or in the car, so you should make sure that you know what to know if this is the case. Some children are happy to take medicine to reduce sickness, while others can’t swallow tablets or pills. So it’s important to know alternative remedies! Finally, make sure to bring something to eat and drink in your purse If you can, you should pack an additional bag for the kids to keep during the journey, which will have books, games, and snacks.


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