Sprinkling Comfort Into Your Camping Trip

July 11, 2019

Camping is something we’ve all done at one point in our lives. Most of us will go away with our families, to stay on a campsite or in a national park, with a tent to pitch up and a sleeping bag to cozy up in. Some of us love the experience; we can take a break in the simplest of ways, with a fire in front of us and roasted marshmallows to sweeten the deal. 


But there’s a lot of us who think of camping as dirty and cold, with little to no creature comforts to fall back on, and no way to charge your phone when you’re in the middle of nowhere. It’s why the idea of ‘glamping’ even exists in the first place! 


But if you’re not up to glamp this year, and still want an authentic camping experience, let’s look at some ways to sprinkle some more comfort into your camping trip. 




Hang Lights in the Tent


Camping is all about getting back to nature, and setting up a tent and being able to sleep cozy and quiet whilst you’re in there. But there’s a lot of us out there who don’t like the camping lifestyle too much - it’s dark, there’s all kinds of noises, and who knows what the shadow on the outside of the canvas actually is!


So to fend off these little nightmares, hang up some lights in the back of the tent you’re staying in. They’ll make sure the night time never gets quite too dark, without disturbing your chances of sleep either. And strings of fairy lights aren’t expensive, and they run on batteries, so you won’t need to plug them in either. 


Stay in a Caravan


If you’re someone who absolutely detests the idea of setting up a tent and having to sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag inside it, don’t worry - there’s a camping option for you as well! Well, it’s more of a caravanning option, but they’re essentially the same thing.


So if you’ve got a caravan to your name, or you’ve found a cheap deal on renting one, check out what towbars would fit the back of your car, and then take it along to the campsite you’ve booked in at. It’ll be a lot warmer in a caravan, and there’s a real door to keep bugs and other creepy crawlies out! 


Keep the Sun Away!


Tents can be notorious heat traps in the summer months when a lot of people want to go camping. You walk in and are met with a wall of heat - who wants to spend time in that muggy mess?


Well, you can easily keep the sun away, by taking that reflective blanket you bought to keep you warm at night and putting it on the top of the tent. It’ll help to reflect the sun’s rays right back at it. 


Your camping trip doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Why not take tips like these and put them into action? 

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