Tips for Hiring A Car When Travelling

July 12, 2019

Travelling comes with its own host of pitfalls, mistakes and breathtaking moments. Here we’ve outlined a few tips for renting a car when traveling for the first time. 




Avoid Airport Surcharges


Airport parking as well rentals can be an expensive nightmare. Airports usually charge a high premium for the convenience of quickly and easily being able to rent a car before and after you land. Consider heading to a city-based rental office as their prices would usually be drastically lower.


Check if Your Need Insurance 


Car rental companies are known for upselling various products when you come in to rent one of their vehicles. A favorite choice is their insurance packages! They will often use pressure and scare tactics to get you to sign up. But don't give in! Double-check if your own car insurance policy covers you for trips abroad. Better yet, check with your insurance provider before you leave to check exactly what you're covered for. It can save you time and money in the long run.
Check Your Credit Card


A lot of credit cards offer you discounts or insurance with your bank account. Some even have special offers available for frequent travelers. Check with your credit company to see if you have any primary coverage and if not what you can add now that you'll be on the road for an extended period of time. You might be surprised what they may be able to offer you. 


Do Your Research 


Before even considering renting a car for your next trip make sure that you've done your homework and researched what options you have online first. Compare a variety of companies to get an idea of what the total rental will cost you. If you can, try and stick to some of the more well-known car companies for peace of mind and shop around directly to see if you can find the best price. Companies like Ace Rent A Car offer great competitive rates. 


Be Wary Of Reviews


While you're doing your research on the nest car rentals in your destination area, be sure to check and give a thorough read of reviews that have been left for your chosen company. It is important to check the reviews that disgruntled customers have left because it will allow you to determine if your chosen company is a no-go or just the victim of a vindictive customer. If you see any comments referring to some serious breaches, such as bad customer service, over-billing or vehicle safety then feel free to give that company a miss. 


Fill Your Own Tank


Of course, it may seem convenient for the rental agency to offer to fill the tank up for you after giving the car back and it is great to drive away knowing that you haven't had to spend time and money on filling up. However, you may find your pocket hit by this convenience. Ask the company if there is an option to prepay for the fuel fill-up. It may save you a lot of time money and inconvenience in the long run.

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