Always Wanted A Horse? Read This First.

September 21, 2019

Millions of people dream of owning a horse. Some just to see them run in a field, others to ride, and some to show. It is a big deal of owning and looking after something so beautiful. But like all animals, they come with a lot of responsibility. The bigger the pet, the bigger the costs that are attached. 




So here are some tips to check out before you buy your first horse. 




Before you go and get the big beauty of your dreams, you have to be able to ride them well. Getting regular lessons in the lead up to the big purchase will mean that you won’t be afraid to jump on your own pony unassisted. If you already take lessons then great! 




There are a lot of horses that are for riders, and love to be out in a field playing and then taken out each morning. However, some people have more than one horse and will often loan out the ones that they have less time for when they are showing others or travelling. You will take over the full care, vet bills and everything in between. This will give you a good idea if your budget can stretch to owning a horse full time. 




You’ll need to find a great stable to keep your horse in. If you have enough land, then you can get some built. But just remember that you’ll need to take care of mucking out, clean hay, food and everything else bright and early every morning. Antibacterial stable paint will mean you can add a beautiful color and know that the paint won’t go moldy and it will be easy to clean. The health and safety of the horse will be your priority, and all measures should be taken to keep them clean. 




If you are looking for a horse that is happy to go for walks and isn’t for show and has no real breeding or bloodline to speak of - you’ll be paying a lot less. If you are looking to show your horse, then you are ideally going to want a horse from a mare or stallion that has a proven background. Most people buy a start horse first. So don’t worry if you're going to show one day but don’t have the budget right now. 


Training & Social


Even though you might be an experienced rider, and your horse is broken in already - you might want to take lessons and training together. Joining a riding club is a great idea too. This way, your horse will be getting socialized really well, and you will get to experience riding with others. They will have great tips on where to get the best shoes fitted, the most reliable vet and other excellent tips. 




Young horses can have too much will and personality for novice riders. Much like puppies, they like to push boundaries and test their owners. Horses can live up to around 30 years, so don’t discount an old hand in your quest from something ‘pretty’. Usually, you’d look for a gentle temperament and a sweet side. 


And finally, do as much research as you can into the different breeds before you go to any stables to see horses. You might fall in love with one that isn’t suitable, and it might end in disaster. A horse will be your best friend, and you’ll see a lot of sunrises together - so it pays to put the time in before they arrive home. 


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