Alaska Cruise Packing List Part Two

July 20, 2017

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 Hey, y'all!  Before I left for Alaska I tried and tried to find a packing list that was perfect for an Alaskan summer.  To be honest, I didn't really find anything that suited what I was looking for.  So, I formulated a plan.  I packed everything in the same color family so I could swap around the articles of clothing to create different outfits.  I also packed items that could be layered.



4 pairs of pants- jeans, khakis, blue dress pants, yoga pants (not pictured since I wore them on the flight)

1 sweater

1 hoodie (not pictured since I wore it on the flight)

2 collared shirts

2 long sleeve shirts

2 cardigans

1 short sleeve shirt (not pictured since I wore it on the flight)

2 vests

2 black dresses

2 tank tops

1 sleeveless shirt

3 scarves

1 hat

1 pair of PJ's 



2 bras (1 sport, 1 regular)

1 jacket

1 poncho

4 shoes- duck boots, heels, sneakers, sandals


 I neatly packed it all into a 24.2 X 16 X 9 inches suitcase and went on my merry way.  So... how'd it all work out for me?




Day One- Travel Day


 Outfit: Yoga pants, t-shirt, hoodie, sneakers

Activity: Traveling from Jacksonville to Seattle via Dallas


Day Two- Washington


 Outfit: Yoga pants, blue shirt, jacket, hat and sneakers.

Activity: Hiking Mt. Rainier


Little did I know, this hat would be my best friend!




After our hike, we showered and headed downtown.

 Outfit: khakis, striped shirt, sandals

Activity: Exploring Queen Anne, Gas Works Park and Downtown Seattle


Day Three- Washington

 Outfit: Jeans, polka dot tank, teal cardigan, duck boots

Activities: Snoqualmie Falls & Downtown Seattle


Day Four- Seattle- Cruise Day!


Outfit: Jeans, white collared shirt,  argyle sweater, duck boots

Activities: Setting sail from Seattle


Note:  Since I am a platinum cruiser with Carnival, I get 3 bags of laundry on a 7 day cruise.  We sent out a load of mine and Ashley's clothes on the first night of the cruise.  I wasn't ready, but Ashley was.  She's a wuss.


Day Five- Sea Day


Outfit: khakis, jean shirt, cream vest, duck boots

Activities: Whale Watching!

Note: No photos from this day.  I was a bum :) 


Day Six- Alaska

 Outfit: Jeans, t-shirt & hoodie, sneakers

Activities: Sailing through Endicott Arm Fjord


Day Seven- Skagway, Yukon Territory, British Columbia


Outfit: Khakis, striped shirt, duck boots

Activities: driving through Alaska, Yukon Territory and British Columbia 


Day Eight- Juneau


Outfit: Khakis, jean shirt, cream vest, duck boots

Activities: driving through Juneau & The Mendenhall Glacier


Day Nine- Ketchikan


Outfit: jeans, blue shirt, grey vest, duck boots

Activities: Boat ride and hiking


Day Ten- Victoria, British Columbia


Outfit: khakis, polka dot tank, light blue cardigan, sandals

Activities: Boat ride and hiking



Day Eleven- Washington


Outfit: jeans, new shirt I bought in Alaska, sneakers

Activities: Downtown Seattle


Day Twelve- Travel Day


 Outfit: Yoga pants, t-shirt, hoodie, sneakers

Activity: Traveling from Seattle to Jacksonville via Philadelphia



What I Did Right


I'm glad that I packed all of the different shoes.  The sandals were great for the warmer afternoons in Seattle (and dinner on the ship), the sneakers were great for traveling and the duck boots were excellent for the Alaskan terrain.  The heels, and black dresses, were a must for the cruise dinners.  


The layers worked out perfectly!  The day we were in Skagway, BC & YT I went from being suited up in a coat, cardigan and tank to just stripping down to my tank top.  I'm classy like that.


Packing a coat and winter hat was a great choice!  I wore my coat every single day. It gets freezing when you're out on the decks whale watching!  Most of the time you couldn't even tell what I was wearing underneath.  I probably could have gotten away with wearing the same thing the whole trip.


What I Would Change


You might thing I'm crazy for saying this, but I actually think I over packed.  I didn't use any of scarves that I packed and I didn't wear the grey tank top at all.  I could have easily swapped that out for another short sleeve shirt and gotten more use out of it.





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