Are you looking for an influencer?

Maps & Monograms is open for the following:

Recipe Development- Recipe development and creation is a major focus of this blog.  I am open to working with companies and brands to develop or adapt new recipes.  This can include platforms outside of this blog.

Brand Endorsement- I am extremely active on social media.  My following increases more and more each day.  If you have a product that fits with my niche, I would be happy to endorse it for you across all forms of social media.

Sponsored Post- Maps & Monograms is open to sponsored posts that are relevant to food, crafts, home decor, travel, and more.

Brand Reviews- M&M frequently features brand reviews of products I think my followers would be interested in.  

Social Media Promotion- I am open to social media campaigns that align with my followers interests.  

For a full list of packages, please contact me at mapsandmonograms(at)gmail(dot)com